lördag 27 februari 2016

Cape Town - Day 17 - the 22nd of February

Being left alone - no guides any longer  - we also today were trying to do our best of the visit in Cape Town. So for the second day we bought tickets again for all the buses around the city and we did visit lots of places and we had so many fantastic views from this "Hop on Hop off" buses! And today I was brave and took the cable car up to the very top of Table Mountain!

Scared waiting......
It is soooo steep
See for yourselves
but what a view over Cape Town
Do I look scared? Yes - the nice guy who took the photo thought so
Sven is so relaxed enjoying the fantastic view from up there
I am a bit more comfortable after half an hour
What a view from Table Mountain
Old buildings
side by side with new....
And of course we had a stop on the tour for wine tasting
One of our "Hop on Hop off" buses

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