lördag 27 februari 2016

Day 10 - the 15th of February - Distance to travel: 15 kms

We cruised on the vast Knysna Lagoon and did visit the Featherbed Nature Reserve. We did not walk up the moutain but down. The view was as everything we have seen in South Africa - fantastic - and then we did some shopping, played boule and enjoyed a lovely dinner at the poolside before we went to sleeeep. It is really hard to be retired......

Waiting for the boat to ship us to the Fetherbed Nature Reserve

And once again - the view walking down the mountain


I am so happy having expirienced the beautiful South Afrika!

What a view - and I do not mean me....

Nature is fantastic!

And so is Sven!

And what a couple! Still going strong!

Shopping at the waterfront after the cruise we found this ......

And here you have the explanation.

We played boule outside "our" house at the poolside. Sven did win - of course

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