lördag 27 februari 2016

Day 12 - the 17th of February - Distance to travel today: 475 kms

 We did travel from Oudtshoorn to Cape Town on Route 62, South Africa´s version to the American Route 66. It was a long day on the road but we did stop at interesting places during our way....

Beautiful views of South Africa

Or what do you think?

Me and our guide - what a view....

Sven is ready for lunch

And I could not take my eyes away from this  roof

and here is our bus on Routen62

This is another view of South Africa

And the roads are so straight....

And the views are still fantastic throughout the country 

I did manage to climb the chair after the wine tasting....
We stopped for winetesting

And after that the views were even more beautiful

What a room we got in Cape Town...

Sven is so comfortable at the President Hotel in Cape Town

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