lördag 27 februari 2016

Day 5 - the 10th of February - Distance to travel: 120 kms

SThis day was Kruger Park and we saw them all - the big fives! The lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino, the leopard, and also a very shy cheetha. And so many other wild animals... It was a WONDERFUL day. See for your selves!

The rhino - do you see it behind the trees? We did!

The leopard in the middle of the photo - lazy in the sand

You only see the nose of the hippo

This elephant was not very pleased meeting us on the road so we had to reverse as quickly as we could

Giraffes are a very proud animal - always with his/her head high

Two vutures waitng for someone to die

The lion is behind the tree. Do you see it - we did!

The cheetha was just two meters from us
What a beauty...

The big buffalo....

More giraffes...

And a beautiful zebra...

And this fantastic greeting met us at the hotel when we came back!

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