måndag 28 mars 2016

Boule today in sunshine - but cold winds

I brought my camera last Saturday when we were invited to a Swedish Påskbuffe by SWIP and
the Swedes playing golf at the Anemi Hotel - but as the food and the wines and not to forget the Company were excellent I forgot to take any photos.

However - today we were back at the boule lanes at the Anemi Hotel - 14 of us - and Annica took this photo of us happy "boulers"!

torsdag 24 mars 2016

Boule today was as fun as always - and we were 14 enjoying ourselves!                  

What ball is closest? We have to measure!
Game over - andStig is polishing the balls!

söndag 20 mars 2016

Palm Sunday

We were invited to a ceremony at the Anemi Hotel celebrating the Palm Sunday by our new priest here in Cyprus - and it was so "relaxing" for our souls.

Anders Berglund and his wife Eva is more than welcome to us - and though they lives in Aya Napa we hope to see more of him here in Paphos!

The singers "The Nothern Lights" performed fantastically and all of us did enjoy their songs!

And the cakes to go with the coffee were so tasty - homemade! So we say thank you to Anders and thank you for the music and the cakes!

The Northern Lights

And Anders Berglund


fredag 18 mars 2016

A tour to Larnaca today

The Swedish Club in Paphos - we are more than 200 members - arranged a very interesting tour today! We stopped to visit a very old "settlement" in Choriokitia dated to the 7th millenium B.C. So interesting - especially as we had a perfect guide in Ulla, who knows everthing.

In Choriokitia we also stopped to taste and learn the production of Halomi - though not my type of cheese it was interesting....

After that we stopped at the Hala Sultan Tekkesi Mosque where we leart that this mosque is the fourth most important for the muslimes around the world after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. We did not know that although we have been living here in Cyprus for 8,5 years...

And then we stopped at Agios Lazarus church built during the 800th century. Fantastic!

Before we went back to Paphos we had a fantastic meze at the restaurant Monte Carlo  in Larnaca at the seaside.

We climbed up and had a wonderful view over the settlements

And for certain the view is fantastic - so we do understand why they built their stone houses there

Haloumi tasting....

The grave of Hala Sultan Tekkesi in Larnaca

And this is the so famous mosque...

That we did visit

And then the total differens to the golden church of Agios Lazarus...


onsdag 16 mars 2016

Brainstorming at Tsangarides

Sven and I, Ulla and Ingemar - four of the six 70 years´ "oldies" this year - met for a brainstorming at Tsangarides Winery planning the big 420-years´ PARTY this automn and we were very creative over some winetasting.

måndag 14 mars 2016

Green Monday in Cyprus

Today is the Green Monday celebrated in Cyprus when you are supposed to fly kites and barbecue on beaches and in parks - but we were nine Swedes choosing to play boule instead- and as always we had lots of fun!

On our way back home we made a short stop at the seaside just to check the winds - and they were strong! So the kites had wind - lots of it - and probably too much because we saw only one this morning. I feel so sorry for all the families having look forward to this very special occasion...

Who is closest? Annika and I played against Kerstin and Måns.

And at the second lane - Ingrid, Gunnel and Hans against Kenneth and Sven

Sunny but windy at the seaside

torsdag 10 mars 2016

And tonight´s wine testing

After today´s boule for me and golf for Sven we ended up at wine tasting at Kamares Club to tast the wines of a new winery in Letimbou -  Karrosis Winery - only five minutes from our house - and we were impressed over their five wines only one year old! And we had a lovely evening!

Savvas - the owner of the Karrosis Winery told us the story...

And Martin, I and Sven were tasting their five wines and we were impressed!

Today´s boule

Today we were 18 enthusiasts playing boule in wonderful sunshine - veterans and beginners - and how the beginners showed us veterans that boule is a very simple and social game! They really did play so well!

17 happy "boulers" - Stig - the 18th took the photo

söndag 6 mars 2016

Casino evening with Rotary

AYesterday we were invited to a Casino evening at Anemi Hotel arranged by Rotary. The arrangements were superb and we had a lovely evening - meeting lots of new people. And - not talking of my age any longer - I might  finally be transferred from the Rotary Club Lund Dalby to Paphos. Board meeting in two weeks will decide. Cross your fingers! 

Sven in deep discussions about sailing from Sweden to Cyprus

Sven is betting....

And so am I!

fredag 4 mars 2016

A fantastic evening with Sue and Steve!

We went to the winery Vasilikon together with our dear friends Sue and Steve for a concert for an informal and cosy musical evening by the fireside and it was a lovey evening!

All the four of us!