fredag 29 april 2016

Dinner at Christian´s place

Our neighbour Christian invited us for dinner yesterday evening - having Norwegian friends visiting him - and it was a lovely evening with also Sue and Steve!

A lovely dinner!

And Sven is toasting with the host!

Planting the flowers

Our gardener came to plant all the flowers Sue and I bought yesterday - taking away this "monster"!

He is working hard in the sunshine!

onsdag 27 april 2016

Buying plants to our garden

Sue picked me up this late morning to help me planning our garden as I need flowers. We went to a big plant school and after having decided what flowers to put in our garden we went for lunch at the seaside. Windy - but so warm - and as I have been away we had lots to catch up!

A very nice lunch at the seaside
And what a seaview!

Flying back to Cyprus

When flying back to Cyprus I met a dear friend at the airport in Vienna whom I have not seen for many, many years - and his wife took this photo of our "reunion". Both of us so happy!

Arnold and I!

And the celebration - 50 years since I graduated!

When in Sweden I also was invited to celebrate that we graduated on the 22nd of April in 1966! It was and "odd" evening meeting people you went to scholl with for many years and then I have not seen most of them for 50 years... It was an evening with lots of memories!

Welcome to all of you!
Some of us 70 years old "students"
And some more.... We were in total about half of the students graduating at that rime
Friends from my class
And my best friend - she also slept over at my sister´s house and we were chatting...

Dinner at Mark and Hanna-Fia

I was very efficent during my 10 days in Sweden and one late afternoon I took the train to Lund to have dinner with Mark´s family - and they had also invited André and his family for lasagne. The live only a couple of blocks away.

Grandchildren playing in the garden
Brothers for ever
Hanna-Fia learning Hugo and Karin to play the piano
And Aston is a big boy now

Dinner with my cousines

Siv and I invited all our cousines both on my father´s and my mother´s side. We are ten left out of fiftheen - but due to different circumstances we were only seven. But never the less we had a fantastic evening!

The cousines!

Travelling to Sweden - Tobbe 50 years old

To celebrate our son in law´s 50th birthday I flew to Sweden on the 14th of April. It was a LOVELY party and I and my sister were two of the last guests at 02.30 in the morning. The seventies are still going strong!

Tobbe with the entertainer who amused us during the champagne
André with his daughter Karin and Mark´s wife Hanna-Fia
All of us lifting a "SKÅL" for Tobbe
Jannicke had put together greetings from all over the world for Tobbe
And we heard and saw how appreciated person he is around his abroad bands and colleagues
And Tobbe was sooo happy
Toril is serving us coffee
Chatting with Jannicke, daughters in law Anna and Hanna-Fia whilst Aston is listening
And another toast for Tobbe!
Tobbe´s parents are lovely people  - Anki & Göran
Grandfather Göran with Toril - lots of fun between these two!
Together with our youngest son Filip
Jannicke with her father in law
Still so much in love...
Family photo - Tobbe with his parents

måndag 11 april 2016

Dinner with friends

We invited our neighbours Christian, Sue and Steve for dinner - and as Christian´s friend Harald visited Christian he was of course also invited. We had a lovely, very late evening!

All of us  -except for the hostess who took the photo
And then the host took the photo of Harald, Steve and me
And Another photo taken by Sven of me, Christian and Sue

lördag 9 april 2016

Bridge for the girls and cooking for the boys

A perfect concept! Whilst we enjoyed playing bridge the boys were cooking a Three course dinner for all of us - and what a dinner! As starter a tuna, shrimp and mayonnaise mixture on a toast, and rabbit as main course with fried potatoes, fried apples and a sallad. Delicious! And the chocolate mousse with After Eight was a perfect dessert!

And as Always - Evert brought wonderful wines to go with the menue!

The boys gathered in the kitchen

After having served us a glass of wine
I took a picture of one of the two rabbits
Before we started to play bridge
Full activity in the kitechen
And the starter is ready to be served by Ingemar supervised by Sven - the Chef
Very satisfied friends!

fredag 8 april 2016

Meet and Greet at Minthis Golf Course

Yesterday we were invited to a most fantastic buffé for the members of the Minthis Hill´s golfcourse situated so beautiful even higher up from our house in the Mountains. We met lots of friends - and had a lovely evening! 

Our neighbours Chris and Cynthia

Our best fiends David, Christine and Steve

And Sue and Annie and John
And our former neighbours Erik and Hetty in the middle

fredag 1 april 2016

Sue and I had a lovely lunch at the seeside today!

Whilst Steve was working in their garden and Sven was playing golf- today his full time work - Sue and I had a lovely lunch at the seeside

Sue and me - best friends ever!