torsdag 19 maj 2016

And the rest of the week was also buzy

We did almost everything during the rest of the week! Look yourselves as this photos showing so much funny things we did!

Gunnel trying hats at Jambo

Dinner at our place in the evening

The boys at Aprodithe´s bath in Lathi

And the spring without the boys

Drinks in the habour at Lathi

The boys hesitating and discussing the temperatur of the water....

But we all got into the water in Akamas at Lara Beach!

And in the evening a fantastic dinner at Ocean Basket!

And later in the evening a whisky test

All ready for a lunch at our place

And dinner.....

Invited for drinks at Sue and Steve

Margaretha and Sue enjoying the beautiful weather

And so did Gunnel and I!

And dinner at a very good Chinese restaurant - Cloe at the harbour

And in the late evening a "swim" in our jacuzzi

Our friends ready for take off yesterday! So sorry!

lördag 14 maj 2016

Friday with Falk´s and Synnerstad´s

After the breakfast in the sun we drove down to the harbour to look at the mosaics. They are fantastic! This old city of Paphos was built during the Roman period 30 BC - 330 AD

After a quick lunch we met up with our friend Calle and GerdLouise for a championchip in Minigolf - and Sven - the host we not very nice to our friends because he did win. Amongst the ladies Gunnel was the winner although we promised that she has never played either minigolf nor golf. Did we believe her? Yes - of course we did!

In the evening we were all invited to Calle and GerdLouise for a brilliant dinner! The evening was velvet soft and we did enjoy it so much! So another buzy day at the island in the sun!

Me in action
Me in action
And Margaretha
And almost all of us
And some beer after "game over"
And all of us at the dinner table
A drink after the dinner
Whilst the girls are chatting
And finally girls and boys together again

fredag 13 maj 2016

Visit from dear friends from Västervik

Wednesday evening we picked up Swedish friends at Paphos Airport and after a dinner and some wine tasting we all slept very well. Yestarday - after breakfast we continued the wine tasting at our favourit Winerys Tsangarides and Kolios - and after a G&T at the poolside and a swim for all except for me and Margaretha who thought that 21 degrees was too cold. Dinner we  had at our local taverna only two minutes away from our home.

Having a G&T at the poolside in the sun
Brave people taking a looong swim
Whilst Margaretha and I still are enjoying our G&T

My computer wants me to put in this photo here with the dinner at The Fountain - so OK
But before that we were wine tasting at Kolios
And at Tsangarides
And the girls at Tsangarides winery at the wine tasting
And Marios at Kolios is explaning how he found this sping when building the winery

fredag 6 maj 2016

Ingemar Friede 70 years

Yesterday we celebrated our close friend Ingemar's 70th birthday and it was a lovely evening. We started at Ulla's and Ingemar´s appartment with champagne and delisious snacks and continued to Ingemar's top restaurant "Koh i Noor" where we had a fantastic three course meal together with tasty wines! As Koh i Noor is an Indian restaurant Sven and I dressed up accordingly.

What an evening we had!

The party participants

And a very happy "Birthday Boy"

Visiting IKEA and Vouni

Wednesday we invited our dear friend Per for lunch in the pretty village of Vouni - and as we were half way to Nicosia we decides to take a trip to IKEA before the lunch. We left Olympus Village at 08.30 and arrived to IKEA exactly an 10.00 when they open the doors. After having been shopping around for 1,5 hours we - very efficient shopping - we were ready for lunch together with Per at 13.00. Visiting IKEA in Nicosia is like coming home....

We had a lovely lunch at a local taverna with tasty food and local wine that got better and better for every sip we had!

Friends enjoying the lunch together