torsdag 19 maj 2016

And the rest of the week was also buzy

We did almost everything during the rest of the week! Look yourselves as this photos showing so much funny things we did!

Gunnel trying hats at Jambo

Dinner at our place in the evening

The boys at Aprodithe´s bath in Lathi

And the spring without the boys

Drinks in the habour at Lathi

The boys hesitating and discussing the temperatur of the water....

But we all got into the water in Akamas at Lara Beach!

And in the evening a fantastic dinner at Ocean Basket!

And later in the evening a whisky test

All ready for a lunch at our place

And dinner.....

Invited for drinks at Sue and Steve

Margaretha and Sue enjoying the beautiful weather

And so did Gunnel and I!

And dinner at a very good Chinese restaurant - Cloe at the harbour

And in the late evening a "swim" in our jacuzzi

Our friends ready for take off yesterday! So sorry!

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