lördag 14 maj 2016

Friday with Falk´s and Synnerstad´s

After the breakfast in the sun we drove down to the harbour to look at the mosaics. They are fantastic! This old city of Paphos was built during the Roman period 30 BC - 330 AD

After a quick lunch we met up with our friend Calle and GerdLouise for a championchip in Minigolf - and Sven - the host we not very nice to our friends because he did win. Amongst the ladies Gunnel was the winner although we promised that she has never played either minigolf nor golf. Did we believe her? Yes - of course we did!

In the evening we were all invited to Calle and GerdLouise for a brilliant dinner! The evening was velvet soft and we did enjoy it so much! So another buzy day at the island in the sun!

Me in action
Me in action
And Margaretha
And almost all of us
And some beer after "game over"
And all of us at the dinner table
A drink after the dinner
Whilst the girls are chatting
And finally girls and boys together again

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