fredag 13 maj 2016

Visit from dear friends from Västervik

Wednesday evening we picked up Swedish friends at Paphos Airport and after a dinner and some wine tasting we all slept very well. Yestarday - after breakfast we continued the wine tasting at our favourit Winerys Tsangarides and Kolios - and after a G&T at the poolside and a swim for all except for me and Margaretha who thought that 21 degrees was too cold. Dinner we  had at our local taverna only two minutes away from our home.

Having a G&T at the poolside in the sun
Brave people taking a looong swim
Whilst Margaretha and I still are enjoying our G&T

My computer wants me to put in this photo here with the dinner at The Fountain - so OK
But before that we were wine tasting at Kolios
And at Tsangarides
And the girls at Tsangarides winery at the wine tasting
And Marios at Kolios is explaning how he found this sping when building the winery

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