tisdag 28 juni 2016

The tent is here

This morning we went to Systembolaget in Västervik to collect the wine bottles for our 180-years party - and the beer and "snaps" are already here delivered from Germany by our son André.

And this afternoon five people came with the tent, the floor, tables, chairs and lamps so I feel that I have the party under control - so far.....


And continueing........

And after a couple of hours the tent is ready - amazing!

And the space inside!

Visit from Germany continued

The day after Midsommar we took our big Buster for lunch at Idö Skärgårdskrog - a very nice restaurant with a fantastic view on the island of Idö. We had a very tasty luch with wine and beer.

In the evening we went fishing outside Solhäll putting a net in the water - and in the morning we found the our fishing luck was very big! We got in total 10 fishes - 2 basses, 7 flounders  and 1 whitefish - the biggest we have caught ever! See the pictures when we had it for dinner in the evening!

During the day we passed Ankarsrum where Sven grandfather was a "big" man and visited the church the he bought from a free church and gave it to the community. A beautiful church!

And Monday morning our German friends left us to drive home to Rostock.

On our way to Idö in the sun with warm winds

At the Idö Skärgårdskrog waiting for the lunch to be served

Am I to eat my lunch from a box Gudrun asked

Taking up the fishes in Majsan

Having entered our names in the guest book in the church of Ankarsrum

Relaxing outside the church

And here it is - so beautiful

The BIG fish being prepared to eat

And here we go!

Enjoying the fish we did catch ourselves!

lördag 25 juni 2016

Midsommar in Sweden and at Solhäll

My sist1er arrived Thursday at lunchtime and a couple of hours later German friends since 26 years arrived from Rostock. The weather was fantastic and Gudrun and I went out into the forest f
to find flowers for make these typical Swedish flower decorations for all of us - and Gudrun did a fantastic job whilst I was organising the pick-nick at Gränsö Slott. We had a most beautiful day and evening!

Beer and wine in the sunshine upon arrival

In the "forest" finding flowers

Making the flower decoration for all five of us. Gudrun was so skilled!

Rudi with his wonderful Midsommar garland

And now both of the men are ready for the Midsommer celebration

And we are on our way with our Majsan to Gränsö Slott

And lunch is served in the green, green grass

And the "Midsommarstång" is there

And Gudrun is taking a picture

And we are dancing......

Best friends........

And best friends too

Sisters for ever.......

And now drinking beer and "snaps" to go with the fish - and we did sing too

Sven and Siv - my sister

And at 00.00 we were still outdoors though I felt it was a bit chilly

The morning after - Sweden loves Germany

And breakfast in the sun - 25 degrees.......

torsdag 23 juni 2016

Solhäll is soon ready for "The Big Bang"!

We are preparing Solhäll for our big party to look as nice as possible! Yesterday evening one truck arrived with single graves for the road up to our house and another one with sand for the beach so that our grandchildren have lots of sand to build biiiig sand castles!

Sven is checking the truck driver to insure getting the grave at the right place

And here is the sand waiting for being raked out on the beach

måndag 20 juni 2016

Celebrating our dear friend´s 70th birthday Saturday evening

We had a fantastic evening together with friends in the evening of last Saturday sailing around the islands in Stockholm - a tour taking 6 hours with fantastic food and wonderful wines together with the host Thomas and the hostess Birgitta and their wonderful children, family and friends!

I was so buzzy talking to a new friend Olof so I forgot to take pictures but I managed to get two with the help of friends!

We look a bit dark but our minds were on top - Monica, Maj and Sven

Gunnel, Leif and myself - after a fantastic dinner!

fredag 17 juni 2016

Sven´s new "boytoy"

Today Sven´s new "boy toy" arrived - a metallic blue "creature" - a Camoto C Force 550 - with a trailer which will give Sven lots of fun - and of course help him a lot in taking care of our big plot and beach!

When I need the car he can also drive to the golf course with it as it is registered to be driven also on roads - but only at a speed of 40 km/h. But the golf course is not that far away.....

A happy Sven testing his new car

And here is the trailor

måndag 13 juni 2016

A fantastic lunch with friends

It is always nice to greete friends coming with a boat - and so did Magnus and Gerd arrive at Solhäll for lunch! He is responsible for the "snaps" and "wine" songs during our BIG PARTY and he will deliver!

We had a nice lunch in the fantastic summer weather here at Solhäll!

lördag 11 juni 2016

Sven 70 years young!

Sven´s birthday started very early as he wanted to put our Buster into the water today. As I had prepared a champagne breakfast without him knowing it I insisted to do it first thing in the morning and then have our breakfast. He did not understand why we had to drive away at 07.00 in the morning - but as I insisted we did.

After having our Buster in the water Sven took the water way to Solhäll and I took the car with the trailer. As it was so early this Saturday morning I forgot that I was in Sweden and that I have to keep to the right but when I met one car "face to face" on long distance I did realise and immediately changed from left to right.

Coming home we had our champagne breakfast  with lobsters and garlic bread. Sven was so occupied during the day answering the phone and I preparing for his birthday dinner. It has been a lovely day - also for me as we today have been engaged for 40 years - and I got the most precious present at 00.01 from Sven this morning! Diamonds are the girls best friend!

Our Buster at Solhäll just waiting....

to get into the water - and here she is!

The champagne breakfast is served!

And Sven with his 10 TRISS - but he did only win 90 SEK instead of 5.000.000 SEK

And speaking on the phone all day

And the dinner is served in the livingroom

And a beautiful sunset to Sven´s honour with his island in the mittle

onsdag 8 juni 2016

Beautiful Solhäll!

Summer has arrived in Västervik and it is so beautiful! Or......

The tree is covered with flowers

And beautiful flower arrangements - designed by Rolf
And so the view over the Baltic Sea

And the kitchen door looks so inviting