lördag 25 juni 2016

Midsommar in Sweden and at Solhäll

My sist1er arrived Thursday at lunchtime and a couple of hours later German friends since 26 years arrived from Rostock. The weather was fantastic and Gudrun and I went out into the forest f
to find flowers for make these typical Swedish flower decorations for all of us - and Gudrun did a fantastic job whilst I was organising the pick-nick at Gränsö Slott. We had a most beautiful day and evening!

Beer and wine in the sunshine upon arrival

In the "forest" finding flowers

Making the flower decoration for all five of us. Gudrun was so skilled!

Rudi with his wonderful Midsommar garland

And now both of the men are ready for the Midsommer celebration

And we are on our way with our Majsan to Gränsö Slott

And lunch is served in the green, green grass

And the "Midsommarstång" is there

And Gudrun is taking a picture

And we are dancing......

Best friends........

And best friends too

Sisters for ever.......

And now drinking beer and "snaps" to go with the fish - and we did sing too

Sven and Siv - my sister

And at 00.00 we were still outdoors though I felt it was a bit chilly

The morning after - Sweden loves Germany

And breakfast in the sun - 25 degrees.......

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