lördag 11 juni 2016

Sven 70 years young!

Sven´s birthday started very early as he wanted to put our Buster into the water today. As I had prepared a champagne breakfast without him knowing it I insisted to do it first thing in the morning and then have our breakfast. He did not understand why we had to drive away at 07.00 in the morning - but as I insisted we did.

After having our Buster in the water Sven took the water way to Solhäll and I took the car with the trailer. As it was so early this Saturday morning I forgot that I was in Sweden and that I have to keep to the right but when I met one car "face to face" on long distance I did realise and immediately changed from left to right.

Coming home we had our champagne breakfast  with lobsters and garlic bread. Sven was so occupied during the day answering the phone and I preparing for his birthday dinner. It has been a lovely day - also for me as we today have been engaged for 40 years - and I got the most precious present at 00.01 from Sven this morning! Diamonds are the girls best friend!

Our Buster at Solhäll just waiting....

to get into the water - and here she is!

The champagne breakfast is served!

And Sven with his 10 TRISS - but he did only win 90 SEK instead of 5.000.000 SEK

And speaking on the phone all day

And the dinner is served in the livingroom

And a beautiful sunset to Sven´s honour with his island in the mittle

3 kommentarer:

Jan sa...

Grattis på födelsedagen
Önskar Jan

Jan sa...

Grattis på födelsedagen
Önskar Jan

Patricia sa...

Varmt grattis Sven! Kära Hälsningar från Stockholm
Cia, Bo med våra barn Jakob 6år) och Rebecka nästan 1år

Minns när ni hälsade på m segelbåten då vi bodde på Christianshavn o ni ramlade in i vår lilla kräftskiva. Helt perfekt att ni hjälpte mig med denna svenska tradition!