tisdag 28 juni 2016

Visit from Germany continued

The day after Midsommar we took our big Buster for lunch at Idö Skärgårdskrog - a very nice restaurant with a fantastic view on the island of Idö. We had a very tasty luch with wine and beer.

In the evening we went fishing outside Solhäll putting a net in the water - and in the morning we found the our fishing luck was very big! We got in total 10 fishes - 2 basses, 7 flounders  and 1 whitefish - the biggest we have caught ever! See the pictures when we had it for dinner in the evening!

During the day we passed Ankarsrum where Sven grandfather was a "big" man and visited the church the he bought from a free church and gave it to the community. A beautiful church!

And Monday morning our German friends left us to drive home to Rostock.

On our way to Idö in the sun with warm winds

At the Idö Skärgårdskrog waiting for the lunch to be served

Am I to eat my lunch from a box Gudrun asked

Taking up the fishes in Majsan

Having entered our names in the guest book in the church of Ankarsrum

Relaxing outside the church

And here it is - so beautiful

The BIG fish being prepared to eat

And here we go!

Enjoying the fish we did catch ourselves!

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