tisdag 26 juli 2016

A day at Solhäll

We have had so far a beautiful summer at Solhäll and André and Mark with families are enjoying themselfs in the sunshine!

This evening we were invited to a shrimp party by both of them together with two old friends of theirs and their families. We had a lovely evening! The shrimps we can buy in Cyprus are absolutely nothing compared to the Swedish ones!

André is driving the boat and Mark is going to waterski

And he is on the skis

Gathering at the terrace

And the tasty shrimps

Mark and cousin Carl with friends

And all of us in the sunshine

Grandfather with Karin

Anna, Mark and Aston with friends

The shrimps are finished

And we are all so satisfied

It seems......

Carl and Mark - two cousins

We are back at our quiet house and enjoying the beautiful sunset

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