onsdag 20 juli 2016

A short visit to Stockholm

Last Friday we took the train to Stockholm for an overnight trip visiting Louise and Kjell to "cash in" their birthdays presents to us! We arrived in the late afternoon and were guided around in Solna where they live, checked in at The Winery Hotel - fantastic - and after drinks and snack at their appartement we had a fantastic dinner at our hotel.

After breakfast we went to the Haga Park where the Swedish Crown Princess and her family lives in a well protected house. After lunch there we went to the Filmstaden = The Picture City - where many films have been recorded. And then we took the train back to Västervik and arrived early evening at Solhäll! Two fantastic days - and we say "Thank you so much" to Kjellouise!

Dinner at The Winery Hotel

Visiting the "Haga Park" in the sunshine

So big, green and beautiful

Outside the famous Copper Tents

And having a fantastic fish lunch in the Park!

Entering "Filmstaden"

A statue visualizing one of Ingmar Bergman´s pictures - with him sitting down

Visiting an Art Museum in Stockholm owned by a close friend to Sven´s parents

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