måndag 11 juli 2016

And finally the PARTY DAY

All our children and grandchildren arrived and so their parents in law. During the day the cousins were playing around whilst the tables were laid and decorated. We were all so excited! And we did not want to have any rain - but exactly when the guests had arrived and were under the tent at the tent ceiling outside - of course it started to rain - but we did squiz together under the shelter - and it did work! We had a big tent so we " were protected during all dinner and the rest of the evening!

I say no more - the pictures will speak for themselves!

Göran and Sven inspecting the tent in the morning having put some trees into it

And Hugo has arrived playing with his grandfather and his "boy toy"

Hugo and André helping grandfather to carry wood to the open fire

The wind was heavy so we had to fix more lines - and Anki is helping

And Karin has arrived - saying "Hallo" to grandfather

And Göran - Jannicke´s father in law was very popular - our grandchildren loved him
And the tent is ready to welcome the guests

And it starts to rain - my God!

But we all got so close together having the champagne

Nobody seems unhappy about the rain....

Friends from Västervik getting together

And friends from Cyprus
Our daughter in law Anna with two of  her children

One table enjoying themselves

And the second one

And the third on

And the fourth on

And the sixth one
And the seventh one

And the eight table

And happy friends from Cyprus, Västervik, Falsterbo, Malmö and.....

And Egon was of course with us celebrating

And then we had a fantastic sunset

And our dear friend Göran said some very clever words
What am I doing? I know - kissing one of my female friends!

Another brilliant speech from one of our friends in Västervik

And our son Filip and his wife Åsa were with us

Party, party, party

And talking to friends we do not meet every day....

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