onsdag 20 juli 2016

André and his family have arrived!

André, Anna, Elsa, Hugo and Karin arrived late Monday evening - or early Tuesday morning - and we are so happy having their families with us too!

The house where Sven's father was born in Ankarsrum - 20 km from Västervik - is for sale and we went there to have a look at it - but the salesman had forgotten the appointment so we were only able to see it from the outside - but we have a new appointment later this week. We are all so excited!

The house in Ankarsrum where Sven's father was born

His Grandson's son with his son is visiting the hous of the late Sven Spånberg

And Hugo is picking raspberries at the plot where his grandfather's grandfather was born

And so is Wilhelm!

Half of our family feeling the wings of the past

Dinner in the evening at Solhäll

A beautiful weather with two of our sons and with their children

Sven, Hanna-Fia, Aston and Andr'e

Elsa and Anna

And Hugo just loved the food served

Grandfather feeding Karin

Some of our big family - we were 12 at the tables

And Egon loves to come up to us in the evenings - so quiet here

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