tisdag 19 juli 2016

Dinner with Mark and his family

Tonight we were invited to join Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Aston for dinner with them. They have done a fantastic job with their house - and we are so impressed.

We are also impressed by the beautiful scenario at the sunset from our "big" Solhäll this late evening! And now we are looking forward to welcome André, Anna, Elsa, Hugo and Karin to Solhäll in about 2 hours! We will have - have had - a wonderful summer so far with all our children and grandchildren and friends of ours and friends of our theirs!

As you my guess - Sven took the picture

And Aston is so happy eating the chicken

Sunset over Sven´s island

The picture changes in a minute - so beautiful....

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