måndag 18 juli 2016

Mark with family has arrived!

Mark´s family arrived last Tuesday and Toril was so happy to meet her cousins- Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Aston! And what great fun they had!

We took the car to the Gränsö Channel swim but Mark and Wilhelm took our new bike

Toril is waiting for the swimmers

And here are the winners with an Olympic Games theme

Tuva-Li and Toril happily playing together

And what are you doing Grandfather?

Toril with her home made dragon

Barefoot in the grass in the sunshine

Helping Grandfather again!

And preparing her home made hamburger

And it was soooo delicious!
The cousins Tuva-Li and Toril with a tasty water melon

Friends for ever!

So funny to have a cousin almost the same age

And Aston - now 10 month old and so "beautiful"

Tuva-Li, Toril and Wilhelm admiring the flowers

Taking a swim at the Solhäll Beach

Aston with his mother at the sand tower on the beach

And I am leaning back in the sunshine - enjoying having the family around me

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