måndag 11 juli 2016

The day after the BIG BANG

We were so happy after the party that everybody seemed to be happy during and after the party so the only thing we did do was relaaaxiiing! Until Embla in the evening when she took an evening swim with her father found a bottle with a letter! So exciting. She opened it and there was a phone number on the letter and we phoned it. And believe it or not - the girl Emma answered. She is now 33 years old and she through it into the water almost 20 years ago - when she was about the same age as Embla!

The papers have phoned, the Swedish Television has phoned so Embla and Emma are now Swedish celebrities!

Breakfast at the veranda

The tent is a wonderful mess

And so is the "bar" - but who cares?

So many fantastic presents we got! It was soooo fun opening them all!

And it looks like a "kindergarten" when we come together - but still some are missing at the photo

Many, many laughs when we were testing our BIKE

And here is the bottle, the cord and the LETTER that Embla found

And here is Embla - the lucky "finder"!

And here is what the papers in Västervik wrote!

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