måndag 18 juli 2016

Visit at our friends in Troserum

We were invited to our dear friends Björn and Gunnel Synnerstad outside Västervik situated in a wonderful place with woods and water all over the place! As Toril atill was here she was also invited and together with the grandchildren of Gunnel and Björn she also had a fantastic time - and she did love their big, big dog named Nelson. As always the champagne, the food, the snaps, the beer and the wines were excellent - and of course the generosity of the host and hostess and the spirit also from their children and Grandchildren and some close friends! We had a most enjoyable evening!

Margareta and Bernt - my "voice doctor" in Västervik

Jan with the hostess - and Toril enjoying the juice

Toril did like Nelson - and Nelson did like Toril

Close friends drinking champagne

Toril playing with their granddaughter

So "behaved" at the table

Enjoying talking to the host Björn

And the children are really behaving!

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