tisdag 23 augusti 2016

My 70th birthday!

After breakfast the Sven, Göran, Calle and Bengt went to play golf, Guggi and Anders to the hospital in Västervik with Ander´s bad back and Evert and Anita went for a sightseeing in Västervik as Evert had problems with an arm..... We are getting old.......

The remaining girls, Aina, Gerdlouise, Lena and I went with "Freden" for a one hour trip on the sea to two islands - connected with a bridge - where we had a typical island lunch. We were picked up at the ferry with a 4-wheeler and driven to the restaurant. After lunch we had a guided tour in the 4-wheeler on the two islands with a very pleasant guide.

Back again we had a perfect dinner - catering - together with the most perfect wine - a 3 liters bottle of a 31 years Amarone! We all say thank you so much to Anita and Evert who brought the bottle! I will never forget my 70th birthday!

Our guide at Idö - a fisherman

Gerdlouise and Aina enjoying the nature at the islands

And so does Lena

And Aina´s dogs

Ready for the return to Västervik and Solhäll

The winner of the Golf Competition was GÖRAN and got this beautiful statue

Champagne before dinner

Also for the boys

Dinner is served

And Evert is ready to open the BOTTLE!

And I am soooo excited!

It is open to be served! And the taste was excellent!!!!!!!!!

söndag 21 augusti 2016

The "Cyprus" golfers have arrived

On the 16th of August our friends arrived for a couple of days at Solhäll. At lunchtime we took the Buster to Malmö - an island owned by friends of hours for lunch.
Not everyone had arrived by then but in the early evening the rest arrived and we did play some games and had a barbecue. I was so buzzy so no photos from those events.

However - so many laughs!
On our way to the island of  Malmö

And having lunch at the cliffs in the harbour.

And Solhäll was painted and trees taken down

Sven and Rolf worked together with the help of this hugh machine! And "Majsan" was taken up! The summer is slowly coming to and end.....

Nice and yellow again!

And Rolf was the painter....

And then taking down i big tree beside the garage

And "Majsan" has done her job this summer.

Always something to do at Solhäll

So many things have to be taken care of at Solhäll - and we do help each other don't we - me taking pictures of everybody working and Andr´e looking after his son!

Annna is working at the beach together with Karin

And Andr'e is taking care of his son

And then we take our big Buster to have lunch in Loftahammar

In the harbour to walk a few steps to the restaurant

And now we are satisfied and going back to Solhäll

With the captain

Hugo and Grandfather looking in a catalogue together