lördag 18 februari 2017

And Solhäll´s kitchen got curtains

Finally I found some curtains for the kitchen at Solhäll.... Fits perfectly!

Beautiful flowers

We drove down to Malmö / Lund to celebrate Andre´s 40th birthday. It was a lovely party - but of course I forgot my camera.... So stupid of me! Everybody was there - and so also my former brother in law and his son leaving at Mallorca - my sister´s only child - and as we have not seen them for ages it was a pleasant "reunion"! The course of their visit was however sad - as my sister Siv was seriously ill. She has however recovered somewhat and is back home.

I meet Filip and Åsa over a pizza and they brought me those beautiful flowers. Back in Västervik I was able to take this photo of them!

New Year at Solhäll

After having spent more than two weeks including Christmas at the hospital in Västervik I was finally "released" the day before New Year´s Evening - and Andre and Mark came to visit us together with their families. Lovely for me finally to be back home!

Finally at home with my loved ones!

Hugo is still awake waiting for 2017

And so are Mark and I

We miss Sven, Hanna-Fia and Aston - and of course me on this picture

Chritmas Golf at Minthi Hills

Sven played in a golf competition at Minthis Hills just before we left for Sweden. I will not mention any results but we had a lovly lunch with the some Swedish friends!

What a lovely company!

Anita - not Swedish but English - one of my friends